About Sampa Lhundup Tibetan Woodcarver

About Sampa Lhundup

Sampa Lhundup is a third-generation, traditionally-trained Tibetan woodcarver whose work has been recognized by HH Dalai Lama and other highly-ranked Tibetan lamas. He was born to a nomad family in Tibet in 1972 and arrived in Dharamsala, India, in 1993. There, he completed six years of training (study and apprenticeship) through the Shachun Woodcraft Center affiliated with the Tibetan Government in Exile from 1997 to 2003.

HHDalaiLama and Sampa
Sampa Lundup with HH Dalai Lama, 2002

His apprenticeship consisted of carving six different three-dimensional mandalas (7 feet by 7 feet in dimension), a stupa (18 feet high), and two traditional wall shrines (63 feet by 7 feet) for Sherabling Monastery in India. He then worked for two years at Drikung Kagyu Institute in Dehra Dun where he contributed two mandalas, carved two traditional religious thrones (8 feet tall), and a traditional wall shrine (12 feet by 21 feet). He also built a stupa (22 feet tall) for a nearby Tibetan settlement. He served as a master in residence at Markham Tibetan Traditional Woodcarving Institute where he was responsible for the training of 14 students and carved two religious thrones and one large traditional wall shrine.

Mr. Lhundup came to the United States in 2011 at the invitation of Rochester’s Buddhist community. Since then, he has continued his woodcarving work, many pieces of which can be seen on this website: special offering tables, religious and non-religious plaques, as well as Christian crosses and stars of David for the many new friends he has made since arriving in Rochester. Take a look!